As a property developer or manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your properties enjoy full occupancy. In addition to advertising the properties, it is crucial to ensure that you put in place a set of measures targeted at attracting potential tenants. Here is an overview of proven-to-be-working ideas on how to attract new residents to a property.


Use online listing websites

Enlisting your vacant properties in suitable websites allows you to gain the necessary level of exposure to the market. Potential tenants often use such websites to look for vacant properties. When listing your properties on websites, it is essential to ensure that you incorporate comprehensive descriptions of the property, including the number of rooms, floor size, property location, and available amenities. You should also include high-resolution photographs for interested tenants to have an idea of the premises in question.


Leveraging social media

In addition to listing your property on websites, it is advisable to harness the power of social media by sharing links from where to attract potential leads. You should make the posts shareable to allow other social media users to share them with their interested friends. With social media, you can be sure to get additional benefits, such as engaging interested customers who reply to your posts.


Request referrals from residents

Also, you should endeavor to request the existing tenants within your properties to offer referrals to potentially interested customers. Such word-of-mouth referrals are great as they provide you with viable leads. Existing tenants can also be valuable in helping convince potential tenants that your properties are worth renting.


Running promotions

Another great way to attract tenants to your premises is by running different kinds of promotions. Promotional offers, such as having a slight percentage off the market price, can attract potential tenants who may be reluctant to rent your properties.


Good customer service

Lastly, it is vital to offer customers value for their money by rendering competent real estate customer services. One of the ways you can achieve this is by providing packaged services where all the premises are connected with the necessary utilities, such as water, electricity, and gas. The provision of waste management and garbage collection services also gives potential tenants the peace of mind they require once they rent your premises. Promptly addressing any maintenance requirement in the houses also comes in handy in guaranteeing tenants that they will have a pleasant rental experience.